Sharon M. – Newport Beach, CA

“At thirty years old, I never met my Biological Mother. After two days, Assured Detective Agency not only located her, but they set up a telephone meeting between us.”

Denise L – El Toro, CA

“It had been thirty-two years since I saw my father and I was only four at the time. Assured Detective located him the next day.”

Dean Cho- Fortune 500 Company

“With Assured Detective Agency placing their undercover operatives in my plant, I have been able to identify incidents of theft and who was responsible, resulting in a substantial decrease of losses. Additionally, they pointed out safety hazards that we were able to correct without any workplace accidents.”

M. Davis, Attorney – Beverly Hills, CA

“Sometimes we need to locate witnesses with very little information about them. Assured Detective has been able to locate them quickly, across the country, to meet our court deadlines.”

Dave K., Attorney – Orange County, CA

“Assured Detective Agency was able to clear my Client of serious criminal charges, as a result of their Certified Polygraph Examination.”