At Assured Detective Agency, we offer a variety of specialized services to enable our clients determine what they’re looking for.  Take a look at the services we offered.


Electronic Countermeasures

If you’ve got privacy concerns you want to make sure no one is listening in on your conversations.  Our skilled operatives utilize the latest technology to perform both phone & room sweeps to ensure there are no wiretaps or other listening devices.


Polygraph & Voice Stress Analysis

With our high technology software, we are able to use a technology called Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) to determine the truthfulness of a person’s statement.  Between VSA technology and traditional polygraphs, we can tell you with confidence if a person is answering questions truthfully.


Skiptracing & Locates

If you’ve got a person who skipped town on you, our highly trained Skiptracers are the most qualified people to track them down for you.  With a combination of skill, experience and technology, our skiptracers find their skips.


Pre-Employment Background Profiles

As an employer you want to ensure that the candidates you’re hiring are going to live up to your standards.  With our resources, we will find any pertinent information and forward it to you; Enabling you to make the best hiring decision available.