Full Civil & Criminal Investigations

Our highly skilled and trained investigators are an invaluable asset when pursuing civil or criminal investigations.  We’re trained to find all the facts that are relevant to your case.  Don’t leave important information hiding in the shadows when you can let us help you find it.


Undercover Operatives

Information can be hard to get when it’s being hidden from you.  Our undercover operatives give you that edge you need to uncover that hidden piece of crucial information.


Due Diligence Inquiries

When entering into a partnership or making a business acquisition you want to make the most informed decision possible.  Let us do your due diligence and uncover every facet of information relative to your pending agreement.


Fraud Investigations

No one wants to lose money to fraud.  Under our scrutiny, no one will successfully defraud you or your organization.


Missing Persons

Our many years of experience have given us an edge when it comes to finding missing persons.  Whether they’re a missing child, or a long lost relative, we can find any person of interest.


Witness Statements

We’ll get all the facts straight for your case, ensuring witness statements are accurate and truthful.


Personal Injury Investigations

With us on your side, we’ll uncover any information you need to win your personal injury case.